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Our customers value us for the quality we provide.

We offer top class solutions in architecture & interior fields.

Our studio designs an eye-catching exterior/ interior with fascinating renderings simply because you deserve the best staging!

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Vacant Home Staging

Using our vast new inventory, we can enhance the architectural style of any home. Whether it is traditional, modern, or anything in between, Galia Home Staging!’s design team will provide you with talent and resources to make your home stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. Turning a cold, vacant empty house into a warmly designed home gives buyers the opportunity to envision themselves living there. A design by Galia Home Staging maximizes the potential for the greatest returns on your investment.

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Model Home Staging

Model home staging is one of the valuable services that a new homebuilder can benefit from, and it enhances the beauty and grandeur the homebuilder built into the home and adds just enough life so that a homebuyer can feel and emotionally connect — “fall in love” with it — on a deeper level

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Professional Photography

With the use of a professional DSLR camera, we take photos of every room we stage and edit them to look there best. These photos are important because when a buyer look online for their new home; it’s the pictures that give the buyers the first impression on what homes to view in person. Yvette ensures that our quality photos capture the brilliance and beauty of every room to help advertise the sale of each home

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