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Although we’ve all heard about home staging and most of us know what it is, most of us probably don’t know the history of it. Started in 1972, by Realtor Barbra Schwarz, home staging became one of the backbones of the real estate industry.

Realizing that there was a dire need for sellers and agents that was in addition to just keeping the house tidy and the grass cut, Barbra proceeded to embrace the idea that there was more that could be done to increase a home’s saleability!

With a bit of elbow grease, some decent taste, and very little expenditure, home staging became more than just a “thing” in the real estate industry. It became a way of life for those in the real estate market that has outlived the most popular music at the time - disco!

One thing it does have in common with disco is the ability to make you feel good. Sure, home staging helps houses sell but it’s also good for the mental health of both the owner and the realtor selling the home.

If you’re an agent, you know the feeling of what you experience when you walk into a home, and “Pig Pen” from The Peanuts cartoon should be living in it. It’s not only disappointing but it’s also a waste of time and money. Your time and money.

However, with our home staging services, you can take that frown and turn it upside down while you get your listings in tip-top shape for showings. Contact us at Galia Home Staging today to find out how you can have listings that make you feel like dancing!

Do the Hustle!!!

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